Risk and liability

  1. Once delivered all products left on site are the responsibility of the customer, Make Interiors are not responsible for any damages caused to the kitchen after delivery due to incorrect storage or misuse.
  2. Make kitchens offer a 6-year guarantee on all units, doors and hinges covering manufacturer and structural defects.
  3. Make Interiors LTD, offers a 6- year guarantee on all kitchen furniture.

This includes:

“The structure of your cabinets and doors (in case they move, warp, bow or crack more than we’d expect to happen naturally)

“All hardware such as hinges, handles, runners, and catches A note on timber .It’s natural for wood to move a little. You might notice that your cupboard doors and drawers shift slightly, and small cracks may appear. It’s just the timber adjusting to the temperature and humidity of your home.

The things we don’t cover

”           Pieces that you’ve changed or repaired yourself

”           Water damage

”           Accidental damage

”           Normal wear and tear (like dents and scratches)

”           Natural changes, like fading and cracking in timber, and colour changes paint

”           Appliances, sinks and taps from another company

  1. All Appliances, Sinks and taps will come with their own manufacturers guarantee, this information will be available within the literature supplied with these products. You may also need to register your appliances to avail of the full warranty, this will vary with each supplier.
  2. Due to General Data Protection regulation act 2018 (GDPR) Make Interiors LTD, are not able to

contact 3rd party suppliers on behalf of the customer.

Stone Worktops

  1. Due to stone worktops being a natural product we recommend taking a trip to Lamont stone in

Coleraine as each slab may vary from the sample in the showroom. For a small holding fee of £200

they will be able to mark the exact slab that will be used for your kitchen.

  1. After templating Lamont stone will send you through a confirmation, it is vital at this stage that you

ensure all colours, thicknesses, edge profile and any other details are correct. No changes will be able

to be made after this stage and any discrepancies will be the responsibility of the customer.

  1. PLEASE ALLOW 7 / 10 working days from payment for installation of stone

These conditions of sale act as proof of this guarantee. The guarantee starts from the date that the

items are delivered.